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Harben, Hartley & Hawkins, LLP
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Staff Members

Denise Jackson

Denise Jackson serves as legal assistant for Sam Harben and Phil Hartley and has been with the firm since 1995.  She coordinates the association and governmental affairs activities of the firm. 

Colleen Rash

Colleen Rash serves as legal assistant for Martha Pearson and coordinates the extensive litigation practice of the firm.  She has worked in that capacity since 2007. 

Lakeisha Smitherman

Lakeisha Smitherman has served as receptionist and file clerk for the firm since 2002.  Her previous training as receptionist for a metro area elementary school provided good training for dealing with clients and the attorneys. 

Rhonda Stevens

Rhonda Stevens has served as office manager and bookkeeper for the firm since 1998.  She handles business and billing issues for the firm and its clients. 

Amanda Swafford

Amanda Swafford is the litigation manager for the firm and has been responsible for the organization and management of the litigation cases handled by the firm since 2006.  Her work with larger law firms in complex litigation served as good training for handling the often record intensive litigation encountered by school districts.